Chloe Chanel - Clean My Shoes!

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THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. He takes her to the back of the shop where she orders him to clean her shoes with his mouth. When chloe shows up at her shoe repairman's shop and tells him off for not cleaning her shoes properly, he tries to disagree at first, but this tiny tyrant makes him change his tune. Not only does this shopkeeper fuck her for all she is worth, but he also cums on her boots so she can rub it in and make them shine. Luckily for him, she also wants him to use his mouth on her pussy. . . That's what we call service. There is one thing you need to know in business to get ahead...

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Karina Hart - Wet Tee Beach Bunny

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I mean, I have always enjoyed sex since the first time I had it, and i think about it a lot, but I do not jump into bed with every man i see. Karina Hart of KarinaHart. . I guess i am wild compared to many other girls because how many girls take off their clothes and masturbate in front of the camera? not many, I am sure!" more power to karina hart ! check out her website. "I used to go to clubs a lot more, when i was in school," says Karina Hart. "I still like to dance, but now i like more to go to some bar to talk with my friends and maybe have a beer or a glass of wine. I am probably not as wild as I used to be! i guess some people might say i was, but i don't think so. Com has fun in the sun and on the beach! Winner of score's Model of the year contest, karina has emassed a huge following since her debut.

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Linsey Dawn Mckenzie Rack N Roll


J. Such a great turn-on. You also have great looking feet. " "I loved the slide capability of the last set "Making a Splash. T. Sincerely Yours, earl. Letters To Linsey: "Dear Linsey, I was looking at your latest update "Making a splash. Photos, poses, background, and looking super-sexy from head-to-toe. In a future update, i would love to see a "leg and foot" issue with your toenails painted red. " it made an already brilliant pictorial three-dimensional. " What an all-around, outstanding update. Fantastic poses underwater with the shirt on gives a great meaning to the "wet t-shirt" look.

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Jen Capone Got Bumped


Jen's tits are about a third bigger than they were pre-pregnancy. My belly was1. "i had to wear a bra all the time because they were too heavy to carry around all day without help. She loves the doggie position best followed by cowgirl facing her partner. She lives in tampa, Florida and likes dancing, movies and television, and, damn straight, lots and lots of fucking. Now that she's pregnant, she's horny all the time. 19 year-old Jen Capone was seven months knocked up when she posed for this pictorial.

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Shyla Shy Pussy Needs Attention Too, You Know


He'd get me drunk at parties and make me go around topless. He was really into them. He was very proud of me. I don't go to those kind of parties anymore, though. But all he wanted to do was fuck my tits, and that got old. And if we went out shopping, he'd always insist that i wear something tight and low-cut. Guys who date girls with big breasts have to know that they're more than just a pair of tits. " Sometimes a guy dumps himself. You know, like, 'Look at the tits on my girlfriend!' that was nice in a strange sort of way. She explained why. Their entire body needs attention. And he was always trying to show them to everybody. One of shyla's ex-boyfriends didn't deserve her. He said it was because he liked to look at them, but i think he wanted to show me off. The girl just expedites the process! shyla should forget about boyfriends and just show her tits and pussy for us. . I needed more. I'd have to say to him, 'i have a pussy, you know!' But even walking around the house, whenever i passed him, he'd be handling them all the time, and if we were sitting around watching TV, he'd play with them while we watched. "Whenever we were in bed, he didn't want to fuck me normally, he just wanted to fuck my tits, and he always wanted to cum on my tits.

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Morgan Leigh - Busty Swinger

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There was an old fashioned swing In the backyard of the house we were using and Morgan Leigh came up with the idea of doing a video and picture set on it. This is no lie. Kinda. ) it doesn't take her very long to strip down to complete nudity and start doing herself with the big, blue vibrator, plunging it into her tight, wet pussy as she swings back and forth. She does swing. An on-line class for women in horny talk and toy play. She said the sensation of toying herself on a moving swing was more fun than she thought it would be. (now there's an idea. Morgan's got a gift for it. She's wearing the perfect outfit for warm weather romping, a tube top and a tight short-shorts. Who knows? Morgan's video may spark an uptick in garden swing sales! What would be the next step? toying on a rollercoaster? Cum to think of it, probably not! thank you as always, morgan leigh!. As always, Morgan could teach a telephone sex operator a few tips in horny chat, if not an entire classroom of phone sex operators. Morgan Leigh is a busty swinger in this SCORE video and photo set.

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Rachel Love Is Taken At Both Ends

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Their trick didn't work on her although she enjoyed being double-fucked. Rachel Love doesn't know what happened to Alia (in chapter 2) and that Alia has discovered the way of the cock. "I've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man and the mystery is killing me," rachel says. "dammit, keep your mouth shut,"says the doctor. Rachel is not fooled. "we know that the Mamazons have never had sex with any men," says Kevin to the vicious-tempered rachel. The Doctor and his assistant are taken back to their cage by warrior guard Rachel. The two men soon convince Rachel that an act called sex will bring her great pleasure and before she realizes what is happening, they are in her mouth and pussy. . If the Queen finds out about this transgression, it will spell certain doom. After the drilling and the gusher, the men are herded back to their cage. This can't happen and she will not let it happen. Queen alexis, her consort shyla at her side, interrogates the doctor. "Sex with two men is even better," says Kevin. Rachel Love wants to know his motives, realizing that he wants to take their idol back to civilization.

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Kali Dreams - A Whole Lotta Assbition

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Cause she wants to be famous and sometimes to get to the top, you have to throw down the booty on some casting couch duty. Kali Dreams has a lot of ambition. In fact, she winds and grinds for your viewing pleasure and her booty comes busting out of her pants. She has the kind of bubble that doesn't quit and she knows it, which is why she gives up that big, chocolate ass to this record exec. Kali Dreams wants to sing and she wants to dance. . Once she gets that ass creamed, watch her asshole pucker. It's like a preview of things to cum. You might even call it, assbition.

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