Candace Von - Want To Sit On Your Face!


It's fucking hot and empowering to tell a man to eat your ass out and then smother his face with your booty. I never knew that so many guys were into pleasing booty, but i am glad that I found out because i love sitting on a man's face and taking a ride on his wet tongue!" You like it when they toss that salad? "yes! But only if i can plant my ass cheeks on his face. Candace, in the jan. ] i have a newfound appreciation for ass play. I'll ride a man's face and play with my clit until i cum. But that doesn't mean that I don't want it played with a little! [laughs. '09 issue you said that ass was off limits, right? "yes, I did, and it is still off limits. It's nasty and horny. And when i cum, I grind my ass on his tongue and i scream, ‘taste all that brown sugar, baby!'".

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Candace Von and her Chocolate Ass

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And the sign of a real freak? when she hops off this dick for the sole purpose of putting it in her mouth to taste her own cunt! Candace Von deserves an award for her horny humping skills. She blows him like only a true lover of blowjobs can. She's a champ!. This lady is what you call a fuckin' freak! She lets us know that she is going to get her big ole' caboose coated in candle wax and then she is going to fuck like it's going out of style. And she is a giver, wrapping her lips around this guy's rod and sucking it down like she hasn't eaten in weeks. And you know what? that is exactly what happens. She bends over and her asshole gets licked and spit in while she loves every single moment of it. Candace Von is built for banging! and we mean that in the nastiest, most-face-down-ass-up way possible. And then she rides him hard, too, because she loves that dick.

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