From what we have seen at various adult conventions and in magazines, sex dolls have become very life-like, costing thousands of dollars to manufacture out of metal, plastic and silicone with working vaginas, assholes and mouths. Well, they don't whine much and don't demand this or that. Is this the way of the future? Living dolls in the likeness of real women? Chavon Chavon Taylor becomes a sexbot in a box in this very different kind of pictorial. But who knows? Future generations of fembots may very well start doing that too!. They're made in california, Japan and Europe. No longer are they the crude, ugly blow-up dolls sold for years in adult stores. One reader even told us he bought one for himself, created to his personal specifications. These dolls learn fast. Fresh out of the box, already Chavon can't keep her hands off her beautiful body.

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