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Out of the bag comes a pair of pink FM heels. Welcome back, Cherry Brady , super-Voluptuous covergirl since 2003. She changes from her hot and sexy businesswoman's attire to a hot and sexy bra and panty set she has brought back from a shopping trip. Very sexy!" she reminds herself. Cherry Brady believes in the power of female sexuality and freedom of expression and that's why she chose to share her body with the world. What about that realistic-looking, flesh-colored cock-vibrator, cherry? Doesn't it do the job better on your horny pussy than those slim metallic vibrators that look like pencil flashlights? you betcha. That's why in this brand-new video, this incredible woman is going to check out the DVD K-JUGS starring renee Ross, samantha, Bailey Santanna, reyna Mae, Cherry Brady and Jade parker. A toy would come in handy now. Star of ultimate cherry, Voluptuous Xtra 8 and the Busty Ladies of oil wrestling. A v-mag subscriber also, Cherry Brady keeps abreast of all of the nipple-pinching action and the busty girls in this chesty galaxy. Cherry Brady gives her sweet pussy and huge, much-worshipped tits a complete pleasuring, cumming just as the stud on her laptop screen shoots his goo into Bailey's open mouth. Cherry pulls aside her new panties to expose her pink, warm cunt so she can finger it as she gets off on the sexin' in k-jugs. As Cherry Brady watches bailey's secretary scene, she does a blow-by-blow commentary while she plays with her luxurious, supple body and her huge 40G titties. She pops a popped corn into her mouth and awaits the next K-JUGS scene. What will cherry do next at SCORE in the future? whatever she does, it will be boobtastic and breastnotizing!. Now dressed to thrill, she pops the k-jugs disc into her laptop and gets comfy. Some fuck-me pumps. It's a video within a video. "hot porn and popcorn! Excellent!" Cherry Brady declares, as she prepares herself. "Don't forget the hot little shoes. She - Cherry Brady appreciates the big, hot boobies and spread holes of many other models.

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Eight years ago we wrote, "Just when you're about to give up in despair about finding extraordinary boobs and decide to devote yourself to raising chickens in Arkansas, a new super-discovery enters the SCORE building." Her name was Cherry Brady. This energetic, sexy V-Mag subscriber and collector sent some snaps of herself, naked by her pool, and asked if TSG was interested. We almost busted a nut then and there. On November 17, 2002, SCORELAND ran its first Cherry Brady photo set and a video with amazing underwater footage of redheaded Cherry in a swimming pool. A week later, SCORELAND released the Cherry Brady video interview. Our thinking was, why have Cherry just sit in a chair and talk about herself when she can do that AND try on sexy outfits at the same time? Eight years later, this interview still remains one of our best. "Your friendly neighborhood editors will be yakking with Cherry as she dresses (and undresses) in four different hot outfits," we explained. "It's gonna be just like hanging out in the dressing room in your local ladies clothing store." Now halfway through 2010, we pass the baton (in this case, the microphone) over to Maria, popular editor of Voluptuous magazine, for this new Cherry Brady video interview. Welcome back, Cherry Brady.

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