The sex and the back massages sound especially good. One of the stars of the movie Boob science, Contessa Rose has a lot of interests, and interesting interests at that. Let's check out how Contessa rolls with this short but sweet sexercise. Contessa Rose says "gentlemen may prefer blondes but it takes a real man to handle a redhead. . Contessa Rose is into meditation, tattoos, motorcycles, poetry, swords, Tim Burton movies, belly dancing, boots, corsets, jazz studies, back massages, big cats and sex. That's just a fraction of her many hobbies, pursuits and studies! and she's the first chick we ever met who liked the sci-fi movie equilibrium with its crazy "gun-fu" shoot-outs. " the georgia delight has no shortage of suitors, that's for sure. Contessa Rose HERE...!

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