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Kaytee Carter and Destiny Rose do a bang-up girl-girl, their first ever, and they look like they've done it before because they needed no practice. But maybe these two newcomers can turn the beat around. The1. Where have all the good girl-girls gone? that's the question some scoreland guys ask. "I never wore makeup or did my hair until i was 18," admitted Kaytee Carter, a tomboy when she was growing up. It does seem that the majority are not as interested in pussy-on-pussy as they used to be. Nadda, zippo, none.

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I like them bigger so that i don't hurt them because i like to be wild. Destiny rose is an exotic dancer with natural boobs. . "I like to squeeze my tits together and lick both my nipples at the same time. " "i like to have sex on my couch. I think it's hot. ". On stage, she likes to play with her tits. And I want to be with a man who i can ride and be all over and I won't hurt him. I love to smack people in the face with them during dances. I like that. I like it when a man has a big belly. "I like to chase chubbies. I just like that there is more to hold on to. . It's what I am into. I like to rub it and call him Buddha. " "I like to go after chubby and fat guys," sexy and Rubenesque Destiny Rose said. I think tit-fucking is hot. They are cuddly and they are cute. No guy has ever turned me down when i hit on him. I know it sounds weird, but I like to tell a guy to sit down and then I like to sit down on his lap, kind of in reverse-cowgirl, and bounce up and down on his dick really fast. I will suck my nipples myself or let a guy suck them while i ride. And sex. The audience would like to play with them too but that's against the rules. Bigger guys are just, well, bigger. I am not exactly a skinny girl, myself.