Stormy Orgasm Giselle Humes


In the Feb. '09 issue you were fucking, too, Giselle...

"And now I'm fucking again!" says Giselle, laughing. "It's so good that I had to come back for more. You know what they say about Latina girls? That we are hornier and nastier than the rest and it is 100 percent true. I think about fucking 24/7 and when I need it, I don't have a hard time getting it."

In the Dec. '08 mag, we talked about sex tricks...

"Yes, I told you about how I make a sundae in my pussy for my lovers to eat. Well, lately I've needed a lot of ass love, too. I like to feel a man's tongue in my asshole and his hot breath as he licks me. And I like pulling my cheeks apart really wide when I am on top because it stretches my asshole out and it feels good. Maybe I'm turning into a total butt slut."

Do you like to shove fingers inside your ass?

"There are times that I will ask a guy to finger my culo (Asshole in Spanish.), but mostly I am enjoying my ass being stretched open wide. And I like for a guy to tap his dick on my asshole, too. The smoothness of his cock head makes my asshole wink open and close. Sometimes I will even go as far as asking him to cum in between my cheeks so I can feel it dripping inside me little by little. But I don't mind if a guy wants to cum all over my tan ass cheeks, either."


Giselle Humes - Bikini Party Girl Drinks Cum

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Giselle Humes is one of those gorgeous, in-demand babes who doesn't want to be anything more than a fuck-toy for the horny man. Her face is flawless, her ass incredible, her body smokin'. In this nearly wordless video, Giselle does everything her booty-call of the afternoon wants her to do, end of discussion. It's wall-to-wall sucking and fucking. Male power is what motivates Giselle. Her Latin background dictates that the "papi chulo" banging her brains out is the boss. The first time she was fucked was in her mom's house. "The guy was five years older than me and it hurt like hell." Giselle doesn't make romantic, lovey-dovey video crap for couples. She likes to make videos with hard men fucking the hell out of her beautiful bikini bod so the guys at home can bust a few nuts, alleviating the stresses of the day, and then go to sleep. After seeing this, we can say, "Mission Accomplished!"

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