Wild jumps Holly Halston in Big Cock


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This stripper takes it up her slutty snatch, in the mouth and most-importantly, up her tight ass. And not just any run-of-the-mill-dancing-for-dollars stripper, either. Give him a big-tit hooker. This is important as it builds character and is just plain funny. If you are a dude who has a best buddy, you are responsible for a few things. So remember, when the time comes to do right by your best bud, give him the gift that keeps on giving. If his ball and chain comes snoopin' around, you deny and lie until you die or at least get your friend on the phone to warn him. The first is lying for your buddy whenever he needs you to. The second thing you are responsible for is breakin' your friends' balls at every opportunity. Nope. You are responsible for getting him a hot slut who is going to drain his nuts of every last drop of his single-man baby batter. A slut like holly halston. The last thing you are responsible for, and probably the most important thing of all, is getting your buddy some strippers for his bachelor party...

Bachelor party gets wild when stripper arrives

How To Pull A Pud By Holly Halston

Movie Sample 1

You'll be glad you came. She always does! she has one of the dirtiest mouths in all of porndom. It's always a pleasure to listen to Holly's non-stop torrent of smutty-tongue chatter. A woman who gave up her tight asshole to extramarital schlongs just for SCORE in the movie My Wife Your meat. The same tongue that licks up all the spilled jizz. And the best palms. Holly's got just the right grip on the situation. Leave things in holly's hands for this private jerk and tit-fucking party. And now we come to one of the all-time nastiest, filthiest and sluttiest busty little sluts in all of score, and incidentally a very nice lady, Holly Halston. On her.

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