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Talk about eye candy! Janet Jade is a human candy bar. Sweet on the inside, sweet on the outside and packed with juicy goodness. Pass the insulin, will ya? What's Janet Jade been up to this summer back in Detroit? Dancing, going to movies, going out rollerblading (one of her favorite activities) and watching sports on TV. We were going to recommend that Janet Jadetry out for the Detroit Pistons hot dance team Automotion because she's such a good dancer. Can you imagine that? Seeing Janet Jade shake it on the basketball court? She'd definitely be the biggest-boobed girl on the team! And she could distract... Click for more.

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" Roll the video!. Rubbing one out will relax her. Janet Jade is truly an erection producer. Janet Jade is taller thanks to her stacked dancer heels that arch her back and thrust her chest forward. "But there are other special things about me. Janet Jade has some time to kill until her girlfriend comes by to pick her up--where they're going we don't know--so she decides to satisfy an urge with the help of her battery-operated boyfriend. We ain't going anywhere so she'll have to do it while we capture the moment on digital. Either way, it's great. If Janet Jade wants to admire her cock-pleasing body in the mirror, more power to her! she's wearing a new outfit she just bought, a sheer body suit cut to expose her bubble butt-cheeks with a top numbered 69 that clings to her 44 inch 38 triple-D boom-booms like a second skin. And if they got to know Janet Jade, they'd find out there are other special things about me. Then again, when guys look at a magazine like SCORE, the only thing that matters is your boobs, so if guys like them and think mine are special, that's great. "Janet Jade sure a lot of men think i'm special because of these," said Janet, pointing to her tits.


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Janet Jade demonstrates in full detail how she keeps her windows sparkling clean. Most models Janet Jade don't do windows. They sure can't be picked up at the local1. Not every girl is so blessed to have 44 inch 38DDD mombos to clean her windows with. Boob-men (and Janet Jade neighbors) should be eternally grateful for this big revelation. Some of the process involves more than a shammy as you will observe. However, lovely Janet Jade made an exception for SCORE by publically revealing for the first time her household tips. Janet Jade Super Girl Big Tits!!!


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38DDD is a goal many women spend lots of time and money to reach and never do. Janet Jade. " dance, janet! dance!. Janet, the sexiest top-popper in all of motor city detroit, funks it up in more ways than you can dream of. The name brings tears of joy to the eyes of many SCORE men. Playing for the first time anywhere, this groovadelic Janet jade video "Won't you Take me to funkytown?" is a boobie-jiggling, booty-shaking go-go dance party mix for the sophisticated, finger-snappin' hepcats of the boob Generation. "then i realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good. Janet is blessed by nature and she knows and appreciates it. "i really didn't start to like my boobs until I started dancing when i was 19," sez janet.

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Janet Jade's shared an on-camera hand job with christy Marks. First, some sexy dancing to warm things up. Then some hands-on nipple touching and on to the jacking and1. Now this is the kind of chain yanking a man likes and janet knows it. Then some titty play with her heavy 38ddd honeydews. She goes it solo now and she looks very confident handling the joystick. One of the best built girls in scoreland, she's in no hurry to get this stroke session over with. We are grateful to Janet for giving us a hand.

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