Kristina Milan seems to be in a submissive mood here, sporting a leather collar and a chain leash, the chain dangling between her absolutely huge tits! With nobody around to lead her by that chain, Kristina decides to have some fun with it herself, sliding it beneath one of those tits and pulling to lift it up. While those tits look big enough already, they look even bigger when Kristina Milan pulls them upward to show off some amazing cleavage. She knows this and that’s why she loves letting people see her tits, because it’s damn near impossible -not- to look at them. And besides, who wouldn’t want a pet like Kristina Milan to lead around by a leash, those huge breasts of hers jiggling with each of her movements. At the very least, I’m sure you could think of some tricks you’d like her to learn. For more of this busty brunette, sign up today at!