Merilyn Sakova - I Love Clothes From Latex


Merilyn Sakova - I Love Clothes From Latex

Merilyn Sakova in a Shiny Bikini


Too bad she has no stacked sisters. Merilyn Sakova won 2005 newcomer of the Year, lost 2005 Model of the Year to Minka, won 2006 model of the year, lost 2007 Model of the Year to Crystal gunns and for 2008 finishes second to christy marks. You are a fantastic woman and I can't ever get enough of you. I cannot imagine a larger event. The past four years have made Merilyn Sakova a megastar the world over and so far she shows no signs of slowing down. They are shaped so beautifully and excitingly. . " who knows, Merilyn Sakova might surprise everyone one day but it seems unlikely. Above all, she still remains an anatomical marvel, no matter how hot she can get. Klaus from Switzerland emails, "dear Merilyn Sakova, i am a great admirer of you and your wonderful, big, heavy boobs. Thank you very much for your work - you are great!" keith writes "i never wanted to get married until i saw Merilyn Sakova as the blushing bride. Merilyn Sakova always said she's content to do what she's doing. "is there any chance at all, in my lifetime, that either Merilyn Sakova (or Nicole peters) or both would agree to hardcore sessions with one of your young, well-hung studs? ideally, these sessions would include hot oral, vaginal and anal intercourse, orgasms, titty-fucking, etc. You are doing wonderful things and what i like best is the sequence where you do some kind of tit bondage with your orange dress and put nice clamps onto your nipples. One video which i downloaded from your site and which excited me very much is the one called striptease. Merilyn Sakova like all your photos and videos. Scoreland is one of the few sites that publishes weekly emails from members and Merilyn Sakova enjoys reading them. You are doing this so well – it's outstanding. I would highly suggest and very much appreciate it if you could do some more extensive tit bondage and nipple clamp pictures and videos in the future. Those are some of the hottest pics of Merilyn Sakova or any SCORE model you have ever published! Also kudos to merilyn for growing some pubic hair! a woman should have some hair down there. You have such a beautiful face and a very well-shaped body, the greatest assets are your outstanding and fantastic tits. " Jim brings up a subject that's unavoidable these days: real sex.

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Sexy Nurse Merilyn Sakova



Merilyn Sakova in a Yellow Dress


Merilyn Sakova wore an elegant dress. It is going to the ball! But she wanted hardcore sex. She took a favorite dildo, and started to masturbate ... Merilyn Sakova very sexy babe. As she meets a look here ...!


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Merilyn Sakova Works out her Snatch


Merilyn Sakova dressed latex. She did seem fashionable. She also picked up a pink dildo. Merilyn Sakova likes to have fun alone.

Merilyn Sakova Big Tit Suck And Fuck

Merilyn Sakova - Gorgeous Brunette With Huge Tits Rubs Snatch


Merilyn Sakova Russian beauty. Today, she sports a near fireplace. Merilyn Sakova has a tender dildo. Merilyn plays with herself. 


Merilyn Sakova Russian Bride With Big Tits


Merilyn Sakova perfect Russian bride with big tits. She put a white wedding dress. But before the wedding she wants to show you my big boobs. Ooh! Look for Merilyn Sakova! It is simply beautiful! Dildo in her hands brings her pleasure.