Michelle May - My Eyes Are Up Here!


I just don't like to be crowded by a bunch of people and have them all over me. I hate the idea of having to yell at someone over loud music. I actually like to go to jazz bars. I like to go places where you can go and have a conversation with someone. I think that jazz bars are great to go to when you are on a date. "I don't really like the club scene these days," says Michelle May. " Agreed. But I do dance around in my underwear at home a lot. An intimate setting with a girl like Michelle is a much better idea, away from a hundred guys out to stel her away. . Not to say she is a homebody either. "I am a little bit of a claustrophobic person and the clubs in California are so crowded. I like to just relax and listen to music and sip on a gin and tonic or a white Russian.

Come See My Massive Tits Inside!

Michelle May - Newcomer Second Runner-Up


Michelle May striptease dancer in a pink dress. Michelle May is a pleasure. She shows us all the charm of his body.

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