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The hot, juicy, dirty, horny words and comments literally pour of their mouths and they have the rare talent of making a guy feel that he's the only person she's talking to. There are several unforgettable big-boobed superwomen who've made themselves even more unforgettable because of the very sexy way they talk while their tits and asses are making us as hard as railroad spikes. If you saw the bahama special on scoreland, you may remember a jawdropping group photo of the girls in which Natalie Fiore wears that awesome striped top that sticks out like the opened top shelf of a drawer, camel-toe producing skin-tight jeans and sexy red shoes with toe cleavage. Natalie Fiore begins her private encounter in the kitchen, dousing her top with water from the faucet while talking and teasing, asking you to play with her tits, her ass, her pussy, her legs, to touch them, to fuck and suck her "teets," her big "teets" as she calls them in her accented english. Natalie Fiore slowly, seductively removes her clothes, showing every squeezable inch of her gorgeous body, her thick, pointy nipples, her sleek, delicious pussy for your inspection and pleasure, spreading her legs open for you to stick your cock into her honey pot. . This score video takes place on grand Bahama island. There's linsey dawn mckenzie, renee Ross, Kerry Marie, cherry brady, christy marks and this luscious morsel right here, natalie fiore ! natalie is one of the greatest busty delights of the past four years. If there's one problem with watching Natalie Fiore boner-producing video, it's going to be trying to figure out what to do with the other 23 hours 39 minutes of your day. Natalie wears this outfit for the beginning of this video, Extreme tank Top stretching.

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Her european background has helped cultivate this attitude. . They prefer to savor and natalie wants you to savor her. She's ready to offer everything she's got because that's the kind of woman she is. Natalie Fiore takes it to another level in this scoreland video with fingering that goes one step beyond. You know that from Natalie Fiore other videos. Ultra-seductive Natalie fiore awaits in the bedroom, eager for a man to share her beautiful, lush body. Natalie Fiore believes in the slow and sensuous way of enjoying an erotic interlude, taking pleasure in every moment, extending the sensations. Whether it's a meal, a personal activity or a private encounter, europeans are in no rush to speed through whatever they are doing.

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The combination of her amazingly rich, ripe body, her seductive eye-contact and personality, and her supersexy verbal talents in tit-chat result in videos that just suck you in and grab you by the horns. See natalie's matching photo set from this video in September '10 SCORE. There are some women who make you feel as if you are the only man in the world and Natalie Fiore is one of them. Natalie Fiore has become one of the hottest one-on-one video stars ever seen on scoreland. Natalie has all of the qualities that make a solo video a special event. That's because her massive tits, cradled by her half-cup brassiere, create this incredible boob-shelf she could serve breakfast on. When Natalie Fiore opens the door in this SCORE video and steps through the doorway, the odds are good that you'll do a double-take. That's why she's #6 in the best of the decade and consistently in the top 20 in the model directory. "i love her sexual energy! 1000% Woman!" comments a SCORELAND guy who grasped Natalie's charisma and magnetic allure...

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SCORELAND guarantees that those cooking and food channels on television pale in comparision to Natalie Fiore's video, Foodie Time With Natalie. The super-stacked babydoll is a better TV food star than any of those celebrity chefs. Who'd have guessed? Then again, she surprises everyone with a new talent everytime she's here. Natalie will turn you into an Iron Cock Chef yourself as you watch what she does in the kitchen. Natalie returns to the apartment after a trip to the grocery store, and with her incredible bod wrapped in that tight dress, they must have been tripping over their own feet when she strolled down the aisles. She's brimming with plans for a food fest with her fantastic figure as the main dish. Several of our BLOG entries have asked about the subject of food play. Even if you never cared for foodie action before, Natalie may convert you to her way of thinking after you see what she does and hear what she says in her hot, accented English. She makes the perfect boobalicious buffet and, trust us, you can't afford to miss her one-woman banana contest. Natalie is always sexy but she's really outdone herself this time. Pass the honey, would you, Natalie?

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