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Their trick didn't work on her although she enjoyed being double-fucked. Rachel Love doesn't know what happened to Alia (in chapter 2) and that Alia has discovered the way of the cock. "I've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man and the mystery is killing me," rachel says. "dammit, keep your mouth shut,"says the doctor. Rachel is not fooled. "we know that the Mamazons have never had sex with any men," says Kevin to the vicious-tempered rachel. The Doctor and his assistant are taken back to their cage by warrior guard Rachel. The two men soon convince Rachel that an act called sex will bring her great pleasure and before she realizes what is happening, they are in her mouth and pussy. . If the Queen finds out about this transgression, it will spell certain doom. After the drilling and the gusher, the men are herded back to their cage. This can't happen and she will not let it happen. Queen alexis, her consort shyla at her side, interrogates the doctor. "Sex with two men is even better," says Kevin. Rachel Love wants to know his motives, realizing that he wants to take their idol back to civilization.

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