Taylor Steele pleases us magnificent Big Tits on the beach

The beauty of the tropics is meaningless next to the beauty and voluptuousity of Taylor Steele. Her sex appeal is off the charts. The question is: Does the nation of Canada deserve Taylor Steele? Or do they take her for granted? SCORE has tirelessly worked hard to bring Taylor to the world for the gratification of breast-lovers everywhere. The Canadians haven't even bought her lunch, not even once, or sent her a free bra. Wouldn't things be better if Taylor moved to Florida near SCORE headquarters. She wouldn't have to deal with those brutal Canadian winters either and freeze her nipples. If William Shatner can move to the States and have a long career in entertainment, why can't Taylor? "She is great at solo! Simply fascinating," comments Jeims. Jimbo writes, "Taylor has a beautiful face and a body to match, I always want to see more of her, keep her cuming." Vince has a dream, "The day she does a hardcore scene is the day I call out of work." And Hari says, "I love, love, love Taylor. Can't wait for more of her!" SCORE Men have spoken.

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Taylor Steele


The praise continues to pour in for taylor Taylor Steele from around the world, or at least from every free country where horny breast-men can see Taylor Steele SCORE photos and videos. " "does she try to drive guys insane? she doesn't have to try!" "the sexiest Canadian representative ever!" for september '10 v-mag, Taylor Steele briefly models one of her sexy outfits before she removes it to1. " "I think? I need to be in Canada. "The 8th Wonder - Taylor Steele of the world!" "Ladies? and gentlemen, this is a prime example of a woman.


Taylor Steele and Taste of Orange Juice


Now that's an outfit that looks like it's made out of liquid fabric! does Taylor Steele leave her place dressed as swanky and sexy as like that? One can only wonder. But she did say, "i live in Toronto, so I have to be bundled up for half the year. My favorite thing to wear is my apple-bottom jeans and my Ugg boots with a tucked in, cleavage-showing t-shirt. Taylor Steele steele's skirt and top are so tight and clinging, you can hardly catch your breath. " Taylor has consistently been in the SCORELAND Model directory's1 - Taylor Steele.

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Taylor Steele Tropical Titillation

Sample Clip 1

I don't mind that because they're always nice about it, but I like to separate the two sides of me. She's from Canada and does canada proud. But there's also a me that the world doesn't see. "Some people have come up to me and approached me about my score modeling, which can be strange sometimes. The Taylor you see in the magazines and videos does have a lot in common with the real me, especially the horny me. I like to cook and clean in my free time and hang out with my kittens and make and edit videos. She talked about her life now that she is famous from her SCORE appearances. Taylor Steele is one of the best new discoveries of 2010. I'm pretty boring. I would much rather stay home and make soup then go out and party. ". I like to be productive.

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Taylor Steele - Princess of Canada


Taylor Steele came into the kitchen. She is dressed in a yellow blouse. See Taylor Steele takes her blouse. It's beautiful. Her big tits and tempting me ... I'd like to caress her big elastic tits fidgeting on them to their big cock. And you ...?