Movie Sample 1

She was often photographed in florida and later in Mexico for a scoreland special. S. So it was easy to see why she swept us away. He had courage. Via measures 44-28-38, wears a 38e bra, stands 5'8", and 142 lbs. Here's Via in mexico, having fun and getting down in her bikini! this vid includes a short interview. The young lady didn't tell the stranger to get out of her face. He approached Via at a Barnes & Noble bookshop in Chicago, Illinois, her town. The rest is history. We often wonder how Via's doing these days. . When SCORE publisher John fox, a man with decades of experience in megaboob model mania, saw snaps of via in 1999, he knew that big-boobed fandom had a new winner. Via became a hugely popular girl. Via Paxton 's photos were sent to SCORE by a reader c.

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