Victoria Lane in the scorching red bikini shows Big Tits


Never a serious or glum expression on her pretty face. . A former cheerleader and basketball player, Victoria Lane says her fantasy is to have sex on a beach in Hawaii and her perfect day would be "waking up whenever i wanted and doing whatever Victoria Lane felt like doing having no boundaries or regulations as to what i could do or could not do. " More power to ya, Victoria Lane. Victoria Lane is such a happy looking girl. And that makes a guy happy in turn. No Voluptuous man could ever tire of that gorgeous body and those incredible tits Victoria Lane.

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Victoria Lane - Underwear Is Fun Ta Wear


When i look for a porn dvd, I don't look for the girls in it. Not in that order. When i get off watching porn, i like to rub my clit with one hand and fuck myself with a lubed, vibrating dildo. "I like putting on a porn video with fit guys who have short hair and big dicks. They don't need to have fashion model looks but at least look clean and normal. Victoria cavorts in the garden and she can cavort as much as she wants to 'cause a t&a man could watch her cavort all day. I look to see the guys that are in it. A lot of the guys in straight porn are overweight or very unattractive. I could cum three or four times like that until I get too sensitive to continue. I don't get that. Some of them may have big cocks but a big cock is not the only reason i'd have sex with someone. ". Victoria has said before that her hobbies are reading, shopping, masturbating and sex. It's funny but there are better looking, buffed guys in gay porn than the guys in straight porn.



Victoria Lane - The Sex Bomb Next Door

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There is nothing wrong with your audio. That rattle-like sound comes from Victoria Lane's pearl necklace wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet. With that out of the way, let's get into Victoria. This is probably her most vocal video. The sex and titty talk really spills out of her and it's as juicy as her succulent bod is. Victoria has found a special place in the hearts and privates of many Voluptuous Men. Their comments include: "One of the best bodies in SCORE history!" wrote S.L. while Joe said, "Beautiful, just stunning. If she were mine I would do anything for her." "I love to use a vibrator and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch porn,” says Victoria. In this video, Miss Lane enjoys a double-headed giant dildo.

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Victoria Lane - MOY Second Runner-Up


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