They could eat their food, and then have me on the dessert menu, stripping for them and rubbing my boobs in their face and making them hot and hungry again at the same time. I think those waitress uniforms are sexy. Guys would have been fighting to sit at my table, and I'm sure when they saw what the service was like i wouldn't have to worry about getting a good tip! i don't know that i always would have gotten their orders right, but i doubt most of them would have minded getting a well-done burger instead of a rare one, or a vanilla malt instead of a strawberry shake. If you had me as a waitress, would you really be paying all that much attention to the food? really. "plus, i think i would have really livened up the place. I would have loved to have been working with all those great doo-wop songs playing, doing The stroll as I went from table to table and making sure that all of my customers were happy. I bet they would have ordered lots of stuff, too, because they would want me to make as many trips to their table as possible. They showed off your legs, you could open up the top button or two and show a little cleavage. "imagine if there was table dancing allowed back then! I'm sure the diner would have to be somewhere on the other side of the tracks, as they say, but how wild would that be? imagine being able to serve the customers food, and then strip and table-dance for them all at once? i'm sure they would have shut a place like that right down, but it would sure be fun to have eaten there, right? I think that would be so sexy - a table-dancing diner. I would have kept a pocketful of nickels in my uniform pocket so that I could always play music on the jukebox. One drawback, though. "i guess that if i asked, 'Do you want fries with that?' that the overwhelming answer would be 'Yes!' Well, i might not be as cheeky with all the customers, but when you're waiting on a table with three, sexy guys, what else would you do? i bet all the waitresses in the 50's got hit on by the guys, and for good reason. Now then I bet the tips would have been fantastic! "maybe i should open up a diner like that, where you could be served by me and all of my girlfriends and then get table dances when you were finished eating. You know how some of those retro, trendy places have everybody dressed like they did back then and they even sing and dance on cue for the tourists? Well, i would have been like that too, except it wouldn't have been dancing just for the crowd. I bet you'd have to make reservations months in advance!" Take care, linsey. Or, in my case, quite a bit! "i think a gal like me would have done fabulous as a waitress back then.

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