Kaytee Carter's A Supersexy SCORE Girl

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Kaytee Carter is a sensational new discovery with a body that will not quit. She debuted on the cover of May '10 SCORE and immediately zoomed into the list of the Top 20 favorite models. When you see Kaytee's stacked sweetness and what Kaytee does in this SCORE video, you'll know why. Kaytee has never done any videos in her life, never posed, never danced in a club for tuition money and never gone to a nude beach or naturist resort. She is totally new at all of this. "I would say that a hundred percent of the people I know would be really surprised by this," says Kaytee. "It's completely out of my realm, and I'm a pretty conservative person. Normally. I'm glad to be here. It's something I haven't tried. It's new, it's exciting. I get a thrill out of trying new things. And I feel very comfortable here. It's something completely different and out of my realm, and that's what I like to do. Try different things, do things that are completely out of my box." How did we find Kaytee? Like Via Paxton, Kaytee met a guy who was a big SCORE fan and he told her about us. She was curious and she gave it shot and came out with flying colors. Many times, our readers and website members make the best talent scouts because they know the kind of hot chicks a boob man loves!

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