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This week LW has two letters from members. One touches on a technical issue. Gorgeous One, You looked like absolute perfection on Howard's [radio jock Howard Stern]. I was praying that the reason for your appearance was promotion for a U.S. tour or at least a visit to the San Francisco/Bay Area visit but my prayers weren't answered. Anyways, I know you get thousands of e-mails like this so let me get to the point: is there anyway you could tell your "tech-guys" to go back to the "old" way of posting your gorgeous pictures; the older photosets had far superior resolution and looked so much more realistic [I'm your number one disciple in California and been a member since the beginning of your awesome site (in other words, I know what I'm talking about!!!)] Photosets like "Linsey Leopard," "Linsey White Swim," or "Superbowl" don't have the same sharpness and realism as some of the older photosets like "Red Sweater," "Dominatrix," and "School Princess;" they almost look like paintings instead of photos. I see that some of the newer photosets like "Purple Fishnets" and "Linsey Black" have gone back to the "old" style and God bless whomever is responsible for it. Long Live Linsey and Linseysworld. P.S. More videos, pix of your hot legs and beautiful feet and maybe a duet photoset with Adele Stephens!-Name Not Given You GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA repeat that purple fishnet set but this time with your shoes off so you can show your thousands of foot fans your cute and sexy soleswrapped up in those sexy stockings. Then you could end the set with you sucking your cute little toesies through the holes!!! Come on Linsey be a sport we haven't seen you do a great foot set for too long! Cheers and keep up the good work.-Jon Team Linsey is always working to make Linsey's photos as brilliant and as sharp as possible because we're committed to bringing Linsey's members the best in photography.The LW webmaster is working on several technical issues, including the sharpness subject raised by the first member's letter. Whereas most sites use digital cameras for budgetary reasons, LinseysWorld uses traditional 35mm SLR cameras. Originally, Linsey's sets, shot on transparency film, were scanned after they were shot. For the past six months or so, our labs in London and Miami are scanning the sets as the trannies are being processed in the developing machine. One of the great advantages is that this newer process digitizes the photos before the slides attract physical debris and dirt, which required a lot of manual correction before uploading when we did it the older way. "Purple Fishnets" was scanned with the new system.-The LinseysWorld Guys.

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