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Tits, Tugs And Blow Job!

Chantal Raye worships the cock. She tends it, she bends it, she mends it. She says she likes shooting pool with friends. You can see how great Chantal is at handling a stick in this hook-up scene shot in P.O.V.--the only way to shoot a tit, tug and blow job. It was a stroke of luck when this beauty contacted Now about another kind of stroke... Chantal sits beside you looking lush in a flimsy blue negligee. Her big, brown boobs are ready to burst through the sheer fabric. They are 44DD tits and her areolae are huge. They look over three inches in diameter. 'You ready for me to put these big tits on this cock?' asks Chantal, staring at you. That question is... Click here for more!

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