Nude Awakening starring Karina Hart!






The shower will wipe the sleepies away and, apres-shower, karina lotions her body with moisturizer to keep her skin soft and lubricated. Of course, Karina can't resist pouring some of the moo-juice over a nipple. You can have breakfast and go back to sleep for a few more hours until the game starts on television. . And now Karina Hart off to art classes. A budding, young girl like Karina needs her proper nourishment to maintain her T&A levels and a healthy breakfast and a glass of milk is the right way to start off her busy day. What would it be like to wake up next to Karina Hart in the morning and stick to her side as she went about her girl thing? This photo series will show you, from getting out of her warm bed to hitting the shower and getting dressed. Karina Hart pays careful attention to her magnificent, world-famous tits, giving them extra lotion.

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