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These Mamazons supply a spirit of adventure that melds with the attractive outdoor sets and jungle soundtrack—particularly Alexis silver as the imperious, regal queen. Iris blocks of adult Video news gives mamazon a aaaa (excellent) rating and writes: "Overall, the production hits just the right ratio of plot to porn, and the sturdy female stars carry their ample racks with grace. As part of this erotic rite, Shyla and kevin are given a potent psychotropic drink by daylene that puts them in a sexual trance under the control of the Queen. Alexis orders daylene to bring Kevin and James to her chambers. But the ritual is far from complete. Suddenly, James makes a break for it. While james runs for his life, the Queen and Shyla have a threeway sex orgy with a hallucinating kevin, now spellbound and out of his head. . " don't miss the cliffhanging ending of mamazon in chapter Six!. In the grip of erotic ecstasy, kevin pounds both writhing Mamazons in an over-the-top ceremony and fucking Alexis in the ass. The Queen's concubine shyla is to be fully initiated into the Mamazon tribe with a secret ceremony. In chapter Five of Mamazon The Movie, Queen Alexis meets with her High Priestess Daylene in the jungle and tells her to prepare for a special ritual. Daylene is ordered to retrieve him and she takes off after him in pursuit.

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